Hi, I am Gulati Exports.

Let me share my work-process with you in brief.

Our core belief

I have been in the handicraft manufacture-export business since 1979, and over the past 40 years, I have gone through multiple changes and innovations. But some things have remained constant – a need for high quality product, timely deliveries, great new designs, and honest business ethics.
All of my processes revolve around these factors. Vinay Gulati and Vividh Gulati, both, believe in maintaining honest communication with all my partners across the globe.
I am a manufacture-export unit that is backed by a fully-equipped factory in Moradabad, India. I have great command over multiple materials – metal, wood, marble, natural fibre etc.

What do we do?

I have all the necessary infrastructure facilities in-house – polishing, finishing, electroplating, packaging.
It is backed by quality control staff with over 100 years of experiences put together.
All of this is served by an in-house design team constantly pushing out new designs and innovations.
And then all our efforts are executed by our experienced employees, into real products that are sure to add beauty to any household.

How do we do it?

My process begins with design themes, and moodboards.
I design new products for my clients, and get their feedback on CADs. This way we save a lot of time, and offer our clients custom made products.
I sample the required styles in my factory, check for balance, stability etc.
Our clients get to see the samples, provide all necessary inputs. All feedback is noted and incorporated.
A final product is ready and processed ahead as per the client’s wishes. 🙂

Simple is better.

It’s a simple process. But it’s the most effective we know.

Have suggestions?

But, as my experience has taught me, change is the key to growth. We are always learning and trying out new methods of working from around the world. And we are always looking to adapt to the changing times, and improve.
Look forward to your feedback.